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Use this code (ATH-90580) when applying for a home loan with Athena and get $250* towards the cost of your loan when it is approved and settled. Am I allowed to use a random referral code I found online? Absolutely! The FAQ published on Athena’s website say this is perfectly fine. Here’s their response: I’ve run out of family and friends to refer. Can I refer a stranger? Yes you can! The more the merrier! Here are some ways you can share your code: -Share your code on social media – add it to your IG bio or share it on FB! -Share your code on forums where you think people will be interested (just make sure you don’t break any forum rules) -Tattoo on your forehead – no just kidding!

FAQ: (1) Is this site affiliated with Athena? No, I’m just a very satisfied customer. (2) Why run this website? Like you, I want to save some $$ on my loan. We both receive the exact same referral bonus when your loan is settled. Win Win. |